#2 in autumn 2021

From October 8 to 10, 2021, stand-up magic lovers will meet for a weekend in the magic theatre MAGICULUM in Hamburg. Barely 52 hours of high-quality magic we are going to stream into your living room. It doesn´t matter how long you’ve been doing magic. Beginners, advanced and professionals will be satisfied and exchange ideas!
The weekend is interwoven with lectures, theory talks, technique sessions, feedback rounds and gala shows! This time, however, the exchange is in in the foreground. We create the true convention feeling through rooms for corner magic, breakfast and lunch together, live auctions, dealer fair and the obligatory bar!!!  
Finally, another magic congress! There will be fantastic colleagues on my site, discussing various topics in lectures, as well as presenting tricks and explaining them in detail. Semjon Sidanov as co-moderator, Jeff McBride, Wolfgang Moser, Giancarlo Scalia, Patrick Folkerts, Mario Lopez, Thomas Otto and Tobias Dostal present magic LIVE from the Magiculum via ZOOM and answer all your questions in a Q&A. 
With technical support if you have any questions. With four cameras, live direction, cameramen and in the usual “Save The Art” quality will be this convention chic and pleasant to you with Lucas Kaminski as an interface. So that content can be conveyed clearly and distinctly, this time we even have a team of interpreters
Of course, you can retrospectively watch the recording of the lectures via special access and work diligently (limited to six months). 
You want to be there?  We look forward to welcoming you. 
Register with the purchase of the ticket. 
With hugs from Hamburg



4 pm: Zoom-Login-Check for all guests / Welcome Speech
6 pm: Lecture Thomas Otto
8 pm: Opening Gala via YouTube
9:30 pm: Open End Zoom Connection



10 am: Breakfasttalk
11.30  am: Dealer Demonstration
1 pm: Connect / Break / Chat
2 pm: Jan Logemann & Café-Time
3:30 pm: Mario Lopez
5 pm: Dealer Fair
6:30 pm: Wolfgang Moser
8:30 pm: Connect / Break / Chat
9:30 pm: Tobias Dostal
11– 22 pm: Midnight Gala via YouTube


10.00 am: Folkerts / Sidanov / Logemann
11.30 am: Auction
1 pm: Dealer Fair
2 pm: Giancarlo Scalia
3:30 pm: Jeff McBride
5 pm: The last words

*Subject to change

Comments on 52Friends-Congress

It is unbelievable with how much love and competence Jan and his 52 friends are organizing this online convention. A festival of great magic and a pleasure to experience. 52 friends and I am one of them.
Ingo Oschmann
Magician & Comedian
"Jan's first online 52 friends Congress was a celebration! Card sharks of all kinds have gather round and there was no one who could not learn anything. So I'm really looking forward to the next convention, this time as an attentive and beer-drinking consumer. "
Denis Behr

Common answers:

  • Yes, there will be simultaneous translation for the international seminars.

  • Yes, you can look at the material as often as you like for six months.

  • No, you don’t have to show any tricks if you don’t want to.

  • Yes, during the breaks we can put you and your friends into small zoom groups.

  • No, you don’t necessarily have to have time on the weekend (you have 6 months after the convention to watch every lecture over and over again). 

  • Yes, with an HDMI cable you can watch everything on the TV.

  • Yes, it’s a day longer this year (52 Hours!).

  • Yes, it’s hardly about cards, but about coins, ropes, ice cubes, theories, moves and a colorful mix of stand-up magic!

  • Yes, you can move freely through the virtual rooms during the breaks.